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Montserrat Logistics Operator has its own fiscal depot for wine and fermented beverage storage.

Thanks to our special skills in the wine and cava sector, we are able to adapt the most innovative logistics technologies to the sector's very specific necessities, to achieve optimized production processes and higher benefits.

  • Externalization of logistics activities in order to focus on the core business: the production of wine and cava.

  • To deal with changing instead of fixed storage costs.

  • To work with an expert in stock control and fiscal depot storage.

  • Montserrat's staff are experts in the field of special taxes and offer you consultancy for a deeper insight into the field.

  • Real time information on stocks, incoming and outgoing goods, enabling you to give fast responses, and to carry out a more concise stock management and goods control from anywhere you are.

  • EDI standard and individually customized.

  • Projects for product traceability for a better integration into your Supply Chain.

  • A GPS-equipped transport fleet for taxless transports from or to the Fiscal Depot.

  • Precise documentation of any transport movement for the client, reaching from the DAA 500 to the delivery notes.

  • Preparation of all VAT liquidation procedures for import movements (standard model 380).

In Montserrat's Fiscal Depot you may store any finished product with destination without paying taxes:

  • Your own wine cellar

  • Another's wine cellar

  • Your clients on Spanish territory

  • Your clients within the territory of the EU

  • Customs, for exports

Location of the Fiscal Depot: Industrial Area Domenys II in Vilafranca del Penedés, Alt Penedés, only 500 meters from the AP7 highway, direction Barcelona / Gerona / Europe - Tarragona / Valencia - Lerida / Saragossa / Madrid.

Storage capacity: up to 22,000 pallets of finished products.

Opening Hours of the Fiscal Depot:

  • Hours of reception of goods: 06.00h - 22.00h during working days

  • Hours of expeditions of goods: 06.00h - 22.00h during working days

Fiscal Depot (PDF format, 122 Kb)